“Who is popular today?” is totally automatic system, and results can’t be controlled manually at all, there is no space for bias as the system apply the same rule for everyone and everything, And there are no way to apply specific rules for a group of news of particular person, so we can consider “Who?” a reliable source for data journalists and investigative journalism.

Who I can’t find all the news on a the person profile page?

The system updates the news from a particular list of news sources, if that article wasn’t published on that news source you won’t find it on his page, also if the article title didn’t contain the person name the website can’t detect the relation between the person and the news, and the article will be stored on the system without relation to that person until further changes to the system algorithm.

Why some people images are changing and sometime incorrect?

We get the person image from Wikipedia, and if his page on wikipedia didn’t include an image, the system will apply some rules to get a proper image for him from the articles related to him, the rules are not accurate 100% so sometimes the image is incorrect.

I’m one of the people with a page on “Who?” can I edit it or control it in any way?

Currently “Who?” is archiving news and connecting it to your page automatically and no one can control your page at all, an there is no manual way to edit a particular page or change it’s content, and we can’t provide any tools to do so at the mean time.